The people behind this

JC, Polytechnic, ITE… three different education paths. In an education-centric nation that separates people by where they studied these three paths should not have crossed.

But they did, when they were thrown together in the same unit to serve their compulsory military service.

And contrary to the expectations of social snobbery, experiencing military service as equals made them friends.

That’s the three of us. We’ve known each other for just under a decade and decided to put our skills together to do something good (hopefully) for society. Individually we are three idiots, collectively we think we make a decent communication team.

Roy is our resident photographer. A professional photographer by trade he carries his huge DSLR everywhere he goes. Wait, make that two DSLRs. Don’t ask me why, he just does.

Dominic is a communications professional He’s the one who makes friends and talks because he has a way with words.

Zach, oh that’s me. I’m the writer, the only one who doesn’t do the job in a professional capacity but is thick-skinned enough to volunteer to write. Okay, no one else wanted to do it.