Finding Time to Love

I watched as he completed his briefing. I wondered if he was conscious of the toy chef’s hat on his head. A toy hat on the head of a muscular guy, it wasn’t something you’d see every day. Yet it did not feel out of place to those looking on.

Papa – A Heroine’s Hero

“Tell me the inspiration behind your work”, I said to Debasmita Dasgupta.

She looked at me and broke into an even larger smile. Her eyes lit up as she began.

“I love my father.”

The story of this heroine is the story of a father’s legacy of what society needs fathers to be.

Because when men are allowed to differentiate masculinity from machismo, they leave the world a better place.

Diabetes is not a death sentence

“I was diagnosed with diabetes because I did not control my life… But diabetes is not a death sentence and I can get back control of my life”