About the Menmoir Project

It is common for the stories in the news to be filled with inspiring stories of great people. Great men and women doing great things in the world.

They are held up as standards of success, models of what we should be, examples of what we should chase. We read it and we look up to them. They look so tall, we seem so small.

Yet the unvarnished truth is that the vast majority of us will not be like them. Our situation is different, our choices dissimilar, our definitions of success varied.

Many dream of being that great person, most will never reach that goal. Many in the process of emulating the success of their idols, run the risk of losing their selves. But why chase the shadow of others greatness and forget the enormity of ourself?

Some others are locked up in the harsh realities of life and are made to dream small. Be realistic and pragmatic, life chides us. And so we do. But without dreams, are we not merely robots? Is existence worth living?

This project wants to inspire and remind. We want to inspire the common, every men to see in themselves the seeds of greatness, to not give up when they are surrounded by negativity. The common man has a story to tell. A parents story of hard work is worth sharing with their kids. A couples story of romance is worthy of a novel.

We want to inspire ourselves and hopefully remind others of their greatness.

Not everyone will face the same peaks and troughs in life. For many the summits and valleys may not seem dramatic but the struggle is the same. These are stories of everyday people facing relatable challenges and displaying great resolve and character.

These are the memoirs of the common men, written by common men.

Note: The men used in this case refers not to the biological male but the human regardless of sex or gender. It just a plural and it rolled easier off the tongue.