Reflections on the bus – Part 2

Do you plug on your earphones when you are on the bus? Does it help to shield you from the outside world?

I do, because facing people everyday is tiring. The lights, the noise, the advertisements. The constant stimulation is exhausting.

I do it when going to work, and getting off work. I do it to psyche myself for the day and to wind myself down from the day.

The journey on the bus is that little time to steal away, when I can be alone in my own world. So too the people around me, perhaps.

Reflections on a Bus 2

What could be going through their minds?

Are they returning home from a trip to the market. Is it fish in there? Perhaps there’s some vegetables? What might they be cooking for dinner?

Or maybe they are preparing for an exam. Are they academically successful or are they struggling? Do they love school of do they dread it?

Reflections on a Bus 5

This is what I see on the bus.

People.Each being the most authentic version of themselves.

Reflections on a Bus 4

What is a bus journey to you?

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